HPU Projects

With Hydratron’s core expertise revolving around High Pressure Liquid PumpsGas Boosters and Systems, we are often asked by our customers for equipment that makes use of our reputation for reliable and safe Pressure and Flow control System design and build capabilities for other types of non-High Pressure applications.

Wellhead Control Panels

These Wellhead Control panel projects typically start with a user created functional specification for the simultaneous hydraulic actuation of Shutdown valves, Surface and Downhole Safety Valves, Master valves and Choke valves. Normally driven by a particular site or field demand, there have also been many speculative builds with a broader range of capabilities for use by a service company to add to their fleet.

Typically consisting of pumps, a control fluid reservoir, accumulators, and the instrumentation/control modules, most of the systems we have design over the years have been for temporary offshore applications, often in hazardous areas, with fully DNV certified frames and have Hydratrons proprietary pump range products integrated within them.

Integral self-flushing circuits are popular to ensure NAS 6 cleanliness levels and integrated Auxilliary Pressure Test circuits are a common feature as well.

Our existing designs accommodate from 5 to 20 independently controlled outlets with each control circuit installed in a modular manner allowing easy removal and replacement of each station when a service or instrumentation replacement is due. Remote control as well as remote multi-ESD capabilities are also available. The scalability of our designs are endless.

Offshore paint specifications are most common although full Stainless Steel finish can also be supplied, including DNV.

It’s likely that we have a pre-exisiting design that we can offer or modify for your application so please contact us for more information.


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