Relief Valve Test Bench

In this feature we are highlighting a project that required our engineers to adapt an existing product to suit the needs of our customer.


We were approached by our client to discuss an opportunity to design and manufacture a valve test rig to be installed at one of their sites. Historically, this branch have always subcontracted the annual pressure testing of their 100 relief valves and were looking for a way of reducing costs and streamlining their operation.

Their main requirement was that this test rig needed to be able to test a variety of relief valves ranging in size from 1” to 10” at pressures up to 3,000psi, with both water and gas.

Our Approach

When we undertook the initial survey, we discovered that they had a similar valve test rig on another one of their sites and required a similar set up. We assessed their current system and created a specification for the new unit based on the current system.

On analysis of the cost of the unit versus the cost of subcontracting this work, it would only take 1 year for our client to recover the cost of the unit, ultimately saving them a significant amount of money long-term.


We were able to adapt an existing product to meet our customers specification and successfully delivered the new system on time, in full and to specification.


Following delivery, we were delighted to conduct a customer training session at their site to ensure that the operators were equipped with the knowledge and skills to carry out valve testing correctly and to a high standard. As we delivered this unit during the COVID-19 pandemic, we were careful to abide by UK Government guidelines when carrying out the training, ensuring that the safety of our team and out customer was top priority.

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