Hydratron Host MacMillan Coffee Morning

The office had a great day on Monday hosting a Macmillan Coffee Morning

On Monday, the office staff had a sugar-filled morning to help raise money for the great cause that is Macmillan Cancer Support. This is not the first year in which the Hydratron’s team hosts a baking charity event. In fact, our bakers are now well-versed veterans who prepare amazing creations worthy of a Bake-Off challenge.

These occasions offer a double incentive. Not only co-workers can enjoy cakes and sweets while socialising, but they also provide help for a cause in which they strongly believe.

What is the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning?

The Macmillan World’s Biggest Coffee Morning is an event that started in 1991. The idea was for people to gather to share a coffee and, at the same time, donate the cost of one to Macmillan. There is an official date for the Coffee Morning event which this year was Friday 27 September. However, for those who want to participate, simply signing up on the Macmillan website to receive a free Coffee Kit.

Hydratron’s team had a fabulous time

With the contributions made by the office staff and the building neighbours, who were invited to this event, we raised £125 and counting!

Many thanks to everyone for the splendid result!


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